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Title: Somewhat Familiar
Author: [ profile] celiadwyn
Summary: Bullpen talk and teasing about our favorite FBI profiler author.
Rating: G
Words: 180+
Disclaimer: I don't own Castle or Criminal Minds.
A/N: NYPD team's point of view.
This fic can also be read at: AO3 |


"Oh c'mon, Beckett! You've got to have heard of David Rossi?" with practised ease detective Beckett was ignoring the whining of her author tag along.

"Please tell me she's heard of David Rossi," Castle turned his exaggerated puppy eyes to detectives Ryan and Esposito. They shared a look, before Esposito asked with a straight face, "Who's David Rossi?"

Castle gaped, "You call yourself law enforcement and don't know who Rossi is? Oh don't worry, he's no one, just probably the most famous FBI agent there's ever been, and that's only half due to the books he's written." Castle drifted off.

"You know, there might have been some fed advertising his book, right before I decided to join the academy," Ryan pretended to reminisce to Esposito.

"That so?"

"Yeah… Can't remember his name though. Those books sure were popular though. Might have bought one or two of them," Ryan added with a shrug and a grin.

"I knew you couldn't have not heard of him!" Castle stated.

"Oh please, he's not that famous," Beckett interjected.

"Ah ha!" Castle exclaimed with melodramatic gestures, "You are familiar with him too, then."

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