Harry Potter: Sheila

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Title: Sheila
Author: Khiela
Summary: What if the Potter’s had a house elf? (pre-Hogwarts)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Rated:  G
Words: 450+

 AO3 | FF.net





The Manor house is quiet as Sheila hums quietly the tune of one of Mistress Lily's favourite songs as she dusts the entrance hall. She is doing it manually so it will take her as long as possible.

Suddenly, she freezes.

Her whole being is fine-tuned to her Family Bond, the only thing that has kept Sheila sane in the nine years since she woke up disoriented and found her Family gone. Mistress and Master gone and young Master out of her reach, behind a ward – or so Sheila had interpreted - and a really strong ward, too. 

But now there is movement. She can feel her Young Master moving, and she concentrates on feeling him. Maybe today is the day he moves outside the reach of the ward?  

It is not the first time, but Sheila is hopeful and concentrates every time.  

And today it pays off. At long last, she knows exactly where her Young Master is. In her excitement, she pops straight to him, still holding the duster. 

Sheila appears on a road and is greeted by a car horn and squealing tires. With a shriek she pops away, leaving behind only the duster and panicked man, looking for the weird dog that he'd been certain he hit.  

In her panic, Sheila popped back home, to the Manor. There she calms herself and resolves to track her Young Master from afar until he stops again. Two times she has anxiety filled moments as she feels him move back towards the point she'd first felt him appear but he doesn't re-enter the ward.   

Finally, in the evening he stops. More cautiously now Sheila lets her magic guide her to pop into a safe place. She knows she is in a muggle place immediately. Everything feels as muted as the home of Mistress Lily's parents had that one time Sheila had been there. Sheila knows she must not be seen by muggles, and has to wait little longer until her Young Master is alone.  

She almost shakes with anticipation.  

When she finally lays her eyes on her Young Master Sheila bursts into tears. She can see right away that she has been needed. Her cooking, her clothes magic, her lullabies.

Sitting on the dubiously clean motel bed Harry Potter gapes at the weird weeping creature that just appeared in front of him, out of thin air! The last few days have been weird – what with the strange letters, and Uncle Vernon's nervous meltdown but this takes the cake.

"What are you?"  Harry whispers, eyes wide. The creature looks humanoid, but it has large ears and green-tinted skin that makes it clear to see it - she? - is not human.  

"Young Master Harry," it’s still crying. "I's Sheila."



A/N: Why could Dobby go through the wards on Privet Drive but not Sheila? Either this is an AU with stronger wards and/or more manipulative Dumbledore… or Harry leaving for Hogwarts and being away from Privet Drive weakened or “opened” the wards a little. There is also Hedwig, coming and going that Dobby could’ve followed. (I’m finding I have surprisingly many thoughts about this?)


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Title: Little Sister
Author: [livejournal.com profile] celiadwyn
Summary: It's been sixteen years since Penelope Garcia last saw her little sister, who had seemingly fallen of the grid when the foster home she'd been staying at had been blown up.
Rating: G
Words: 1,000+
Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds or Leverage.
A/N: For the purposes of this fic I've given Parker a "real" name. Other notes at the end.
This fic can also be read at AO3 | FF.net

Penelope hadn't heard of Monica since she was nine, there had been an explosion at her current foster family's house and she'd just disappeared off the face of the Earth. )

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Title: Proof of Life
Author: [livejournal.com profile] celiadwyn
Summary: It's not everyday you get to see your own grave dug up as a proof to your grieving team that you are indeed alive.
Rating: G
Words: 1,900+
Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds.
A/N: All this was thought up before season 7 was much more than rumours.
Oh, and the utter and complete lack of Ashley Seaver in this story? Well… I tend to ignore her. I don't hate her, but I don't like her, either. And after having seen the season, I can say it at least I'm no worse than the shows writers...

This fic can also be read at AO3 | FF.net

Emily could hear the sound of small engine nearing the group standing silently in semi-circle in front of JJ and Hotch, and the heavy sigh of Jennifer Jareau. )

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Title: People spotting
Author: [livejournal.com profile] celiadwyn
Castle drags Kevin to do what he calls "people spotting" and Kevin might just cheat a little because he recognizes Danny Reagan and his sister Erin.
Rating: G
Words: 650+
A/N: Kevin Ryan's PoV. Part of Twelve Days Till Christmas 2011.
Also to be found at
| AO3 | FF.net

"We," Castle was using that theatrical voice of his, as he gestured around the food court they were currently sitting in, "are people spotting." )
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Title: What It Feels Like
Summary: When an “easy” (it never is) IMF op goes wrong Clint doesn't hesitate to call S.H.I.E.L.D. for back-up.
(Clint Barton is William Brandt)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Rated:  PG-13
Words: 4,400+

A/N: When I say “half a dozen feet” I’m thinking circa two metres. (6 feet = 1,83 metres if we’re being precise)

Since I have to recognize not everyone knows military slang SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. Because in my mind, Phil was Special Forces before Fury snatched him up. For the love of Generation Kill let’s go with Recon Marines? :D

I saw the UK trailer for Thor: The Dark World today and I got the feeling the stuff I have in this chapter (/story) about Jane and her relationship with Thor will be very different from that movie. Just thought I’d point that out.


Chapter 2 )


So, that was a lot of talking… And so far, at least the start of chapter 3 seems to have some more talking.

About the vodka and “Russian war songs”... The idea is based on my Russian step-mom who once, after few shots of vodka, entertained us with her rendition of Katyusha. “Written during World War II, the song depicts a girl longing for her fighting military husband,” says Wikipedia. There! Have a piece of Russian culture. (go listen, it’s a beautiful song)

Trying to put a name for Tony Stark’s computer is unspeakably… frustrating, so, holotable it is.

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Title: What It Feels Like
Summary: When an “easy” (it never is) IMF op goes wrong Clint doesn't hesitate to call S.H.I.E.L.D. for back-up.
(Clint Barton is William Brandt)

Disclaimer: I don't own either concept. I'm sure if I did you'd have heard about it by now.
Words: 3,500+
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Don't know yet...
Warnings: I suppose I should say AU? Because I'm still not accepting Phil Coulson might be dead.

A/N: I don't usually do this. Post when a piece isn't ready, so we'll see how it goes...

A) 400 yards = 365,76 metres (in case you, like me, can't think in yards..)
B) in case you're interested there are links in the end notes about the weapons mentioned
C) I’m trying to show the difference between Clint Barton and William Brandt by which name I call them. Hopefully it’s not too confusing. If it is, let me know and I'll try to do something about it.

Also found in FF.net & AO3.

What It Feels Like )


A/N: M16 & MP5K in IMFDb - Internet Movie Firearms Database

Chapter 2

khiela: Photo of actor Beth Riesgraf as Parker from Leverage. (Parker)
Summary: Parker would have though Jensen would have learned by now. Apparently Cougar had, though.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Word count:

Author's note: Set some time in season 3 for Leverage and post-movie for the Losers.
This fic can also be found at AO3 & FanFiction.net.

Smart cat, silly hacker )

Originally posted March 17th, 2012.
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Summary: “I don’t know what you remember so here are the basics. You’ve been assigned to IMF for the last four years under the name William Brandt, and the last six months you’ve been working in a team led by Ethan Hunt. Do you remember that?”
That Clint does remember, but not how he ended up in a hospital and he’s grateful that Natasha is there to have his back.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Avengers or Mission Impossible. The title and three lines I used to separate scenes are from Three Days Grace’s Gone Forever, so can't claim ownership of those either.

Word count: 4,463

Author's Note: Phil Coulson is alive, just because I can make that happen. For the timeline let's imagine the happenings of the Avengers took place in 2012 and Ghost Protocol happened about three and half yeast after that. Add another six months and we get to where this fic takes place. Also, all the hospital stuff... I've got no idea, so I just used common sense.
This fic can also be found at AO3 & FanFiction.net.

In This World Around Me )

Originally posted August 7th, 2012.
khiela: (Tourist in red)
Summary: Harry brings his boyfriend to a Weasley Christmas. Interrogation ensues. (AKA Tony meets the Weasleys.)
Pairing: Harry/Tony (implied)
Diclaimer: Can't claim any ownership of Harry Potter or NCIS.
Word count: 275
Author's note: Written for December 22nd, 2011 as part 10 of 12 for Twelve Days Till Christmas.
Written for the prompt: S/he knew bringing her/his better half to a Weasley Christmas would result in surprises. But this?
Prompts were exchanged with Viwiel, although I do believe this one was from me...

Can also be found at AO3 & FanFiction.net.

Meet the Weasleys )

(my mind might have, possibly, taken a terrifying trip out of it's senses and started thinking of continuation... oh dear.)
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Summary: It had been years when he suddenly saw her across the street in New York and couldn’t help but to remember the fairytale they used to have.

969 words
Rated PG

I don’t own Criminal Minds or the movie A-Team.



Criminal Minds: Season 3 finale Lo-Fi and season 4 opener Mayhem

The A-Team: Between BA and Murdoch’s escapes



Lady, the Plans We Had Went All Wrong )

A/N: Fairytale Gone Bad is a song by Sunrise Avenue.
Prompt #3 from Viw

Criminal Minds, A-Team (2010)

Emily Prentiss, Templeton "Faceman" Peck

To include:  Emily in Charissa Sosa's place

"Get the hell out of my life!"

"Fine! Go ahead! Tell them I made you miserable, tell them this was all a fucking fairytale gone bad."

We can all guess what band Viw was listening when she came up with this prompt and number 2. I went with the flow and you can see it in the title - the first lines of song go:
"This is the end, you know
Lady, the plans we had went all wrong
We ain't nothing but fight and shout and tears
khiela: Photo of actor Beth Riesgraf as Parker from Leverage. (Parker)

Prompt #2 from Viw


“—and there were words ‘Forever Yours’  inked to his skin in a dark, gothic font. It looked more like a threat than a promise.”

Disclaimer: I don't own Leverage.


576 words
rated G
family/crew themes



Not a grifter )


A/NForever Yours is a song by Sunrise Avenue.
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"A grammar of a language is the set of rules for combining units (parts of speech) into sequences."
- Ways of Reading, 3rd Edition
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